Stop the Rot: Publications and Resources

Technical Reports

  1. Stop the Rot Collated Summaries of Year 1 Technical Reports. Compilation of the final Year 1 topic summaries, August 2021.


  1. November 2021. du Toit, L.J. 2021. Stop the Rot: How can the results benefit you? Pacific Northwest Vegetable Association Annual Convention & Trade Show, 17-18 Nov. 2021, Kennewick, WA Presentation to growers and onion stakeholders, providing an overview of what we are learning in the project at the halfway mark in our research. 
  2. Belo, T., du Toit, L., Waters, T., Derie, M., Schacht, B., & LaHue, G. (2021, 7-10 November). Combating Onion Bacterial Diseases Through Nitrogen Fertility Management [Poster Presentation]. 2021 ASA, CSSA, SSSA International Annual Meeting, Salt Lake City, UT. Poster presentation by Stop the Rot researcher Tessa Belo summarizing Season 1 trials on the effectiveness of nitrogen fertility management strategies for combating onion bacterial disease.


Plant Disease Management Reports

Irrigation and nitrogen management




Cultural practices


Post-harvest treatments


Extension Bulletins and Educational Materials

  1. Dutta, B., and Gitaitis, R. 2020. Bacterial diseases of onion in Georgia. University of Georgia Cooperative Extension Bulletin B1534.
  2. Wohleb, C.H., Waters, T.W., du Toit, L.J., and LaHue, G. 2021. Washington State University Extension Onion Alert, 1 September 2021.



  1. Red Scale Necrosis Assay time-lapse video. 1 min. Claudia Nischwitz. Posted Jan. 20, 2021.
  2. Evaluation of post-harvest treatments on onion. 29 min. Tim Waters and Lindsey du Toit. Posted Dec. 18, 2020.
  3. Combating bacterial diseases of onion: How do we stop the rot? 14.41 min. Lindsey du Toit, Heather MacKay, Darrell Kilgore, and Matthew Ziegler. Posted Dec. 15, 2020. (1,613 views).
  4. Diagnosing onion bacterial rots, produced by the Cornell team. English Spanish
  5. Combating onion bacterial diseases with pathogenomics tools and enhanced management strategies. 3 min. Antoinette Machado and Brandon Sandoval. Part of virtual field day. Posted Sep. 1, 2020.


Peer-reviewed scientific articles

  1. Zhao, M., Tyson, C., Chen, H., C., Paudel, S., Gitaitis, R., Kvitko, B., Dutta, B. 2022. Pseudomonas alliivorans sp. nov., a plant-pathogenic bacterium isolated from onion foliage in Georgia, USA. Systematic and Applied Microbiology, Vol. 45 (1).
  2. Agarwal Gaurav, Choudhary Divya, Stice Shaun P., Myers Brendon K., Gitaitis Ronald D., Venter Stephanus N., Kvitko Brian H., Dutta Bhabesh. 2021. Pan-genome-wide analysis of Pantoea ananatis identified genes linked to pathogenicity in onion. Frontiers in Microbiology vol 12:2381
  3. Koirala, S., Zhao, M., Agarwal, G., Stice, S., Gitaitis, R., Kvitko, B., & Dutta, B. 2021. Identification of two novel pathovars of Pantoea stewartii indologenes affecting Allium sp. and millets. Phytopathology. 10.1094/PHYTO-11-20-0508-R.
  4. Stumpf, S., Leach, L., Srinivasan, R., Coolong, T., Gitaitis, R., Dutta, B. Foliar chemical protection against Pantoea ananatisin onion is negated by thrips feeding. Phytopathology. 2021 Feb. 111(2):258-267. doi: 10.1094/PHYTO-05-20-0163-R. Epub 2021 Jan 13. PMID: 32748732.
  5. Stice, S., Shin, G.Y., Armas, S.D., Koirala, S., Galvan, G.A., Siri, M.I., Severns, P.M., Coutinho, T.A., Dutta, B., and Kvitko, B. 2021. The distribution of onion virulence gene clusters among Pantoea Frontiers in Plant Science
  6. Zhao, M., Kvitko, B.H., Gitaitis, R.D., and Dutta, B. 2021. Bacterial streak and bulb rot of onion. Plant Health Instructor.  DOI: 1094/PHI-E​​-2021-0421-01​
  7. Stice SP, Thao KK, Khang CH, Baltrus DA, Dutta B, Kvitko BH. Thiosulfinate Tolerance Is a Virulence Strategy of an Atypical Bacterial Pathogen of Onion. Current Biology 2020;S0960-9822(20)30779-X.


Popular articles

  1. du Toit, L., and Waters, T. 2021. To disinfect or not? Can postharvest applications of disinfectants reduce bacterial bulb rots in storage? Onion World, July/August 2021:6-9. Onion World Magazine July/August 2021
  2. MacKay, H., and du Toit, L. 2021. Progress report. Stop the Rot: A national collaboration to research, combat bacterial diseases of onion. Onion World, May/June 2021:12-14.
  4. du Toit, L.J., Waters, T., Derie, M., and Darner, J. 2020. Battling onion bacterial diseases with bactericides. Onion World, December 2020: 6-11.
  5. Hoepting, C., and du Toit, L. 2020. Stop the Rot! National U.S. team to combat bacterial diseases of onion with fierce collaboration. Onion World, July/August 2020: 8-11.
  6. Dutta B. and Gitaitis R. 2020. Onion World July/August 2020 ‘Disease Quiz’ to highlight onion bacterial diseases.


Other resources

Year 2 annual project report to NIFA

Stop the Rot Project Charter: Collaborative Agreement. Topics covered include principles for collaboration, project team organization and management, internal review and accountability, data management and confidentiality, authorship and acknowledgment, and conflicts of interest.