2022 NARC/W3008/Stop-the-Rot

2022 NARC/W3008/Stop-the-Rot meeting


Breeding For Reduced Iris Yellow Spot Symptom Expression in Onion: Christopher S. Cramer, Seyed Shahabeddin Nourbakhsh, and Suman Sharma

Mitochondrial COI-based Genetic Diversity of Thrips tabaci: Romana Iftikhar and H R Pappu

Global Population Structure and Molecular Evolutionary Pattern of Iris yellow spot virus: Afsha Tabassum, SV Ramesh, Ying Zhai, Romana Iftikhar and H R Pappu

Evaluation Of Weather-Based Models For Management Of Onion Downy Mildew In California: Alexander I. Putman and Jacob R. Goldberg

Evaluation of Herbicide Combinations for Weed Control in Onion in New Mexico: Brian Schutte, Leslie Beck, Stephanie Walker, Ram Acharya, and Christopher S. Cramer

Response of Yellow Sweet Spanish Onion Varieties to Ethofumasate Herbicide: M. Thornton, R. Portenier, O. Morgan, D. Beck, B. Simerly, K. Beck, McCain

Surveys for Bacterial Pathogens of Onion in Regions of Production Across the USA: Preliminary Results from 2020 and 2021: Lindsey du Toit, Brian Kvitko, Heather MacKay

A study on bacterial inhabitants of storage onion bulbs: identity and function: Verushka T Ibanez, Christopher Liakos, Jacquie van der Waals, Teresa A Coutinho & Pedro Lebre

Viral Ecology of Onion Bulbs with Bacterial Rot: Pedro H Lebre, Christopher Liakos, Verushka Ibanez, Don A Cowan, Teresa Coutinho

Evaluation of the Influence of Variety on Onion Bacterial Bulb Rot in New York State: Christy Hoepting, Emma van der Heide, and Sarah Caldwell

Evaluation of the Influence of Applied Nitrogen on Bacterial Bulb Rot of Onion in New York State: Christy Hoepting, Emma van der Heide, and Sarah Caldwell

Alliumnet is a collaborative effort focused on supporting the production of allium species in the United States.: Joe LaForest, Sarah Jean Swain, Heather MacKay

Is DOWNCAST an effective model for predicting onion downy mildew
in Ontario, Canada?: Mary Ruth McDonald, Kevin Vander Kooi and Tyler Blauel

Genome-wide association and dissociation studies in Pantoea ananatis reveal potential virulence factors affecting in Allium porrum and Allium fistulosum: Brendon K. Myers, Gaurav Agarwal, Ronald D. Gitaitis, Brian Kvitko, Bhabesh Dutta

Onion Maggot and Onion Thrips Over Forty Years of IPM: Mary Ruth McDonald, Kevin Vander Kooi and Tyler Blauel

Stop The Rot: Objective B3 2021 Bactericide Field Trial Summary: B. Aegerter, W.M. Donahoo, J. Davey, M. Derie, L. du Toit, B. Dutta, E. Feibert, M.J. Foster, C. Hoepting, A. Machado, C. Nischwitz, S. Reitz, J. Sidhu, M. Uchanski, T. Waters and J. Woodhall

Selection progress for reduced Iris yellow spot disease symptoms and associated traits in onion: Stephanie Torres and Christopher S. Cramer

Identification and Pathogenicity of Fusarium proliferatum Causing Clove Rot on Garlic: Gia Khuong Hoang Hua, Shari Lupien, and Jeremiah K.S. Dung


Stunting and Stand Loss in Drip-Irrigated Onions: Deron Beck, Mike Thornton, Ransey Portenier, Kyler Beck and Oksana Morgan

Basic and Applied Research on Bacterial Diseases of Onion in Georgia: An Update: Mei Zhao, Shaun Stice, Gaurav Agarwal, Santosh Koirala, Gina Shin, Brendon Myers, Chris Tyson, Ron Gitaitis, Brian Kvitko, and Bhabesh Dutta

Genetic basis of HiVir-mediated RSN of onion pathogen Pantoea ananatis: Gi Yoon Shin, BhabeshDutta and Brian Kvitko

Mapping of Fusarium Resistance in Onion: Elizabeth Straley, Jen Marzu, and Michael Havey

Modification of Epicuticular Waxes Towards Thrips Resistance in Onion: Michael J Havey

Stunning Weed Control in Muck-Grown Onions with Bicyclopyrone: Christy Hoepting

Use of Alliums as Trap Crops to Reduce White Rot Inoculum in Infested Field Soil: Khuong Hua, Robert Wilson and Jeremiah Dung

Managing insect pests of dry bulb onion in the eastern US: Brian A. Nault

Improving Fusarium Basal Rot Resistance of Short-day Onion Cultivars through an Artificial Inoculation Mature Bulb Screening: Suman Sharma and Christopher S. Cramer

Genomic Comparison of Dickeya fangzhongdai Strains Isolated from Different Hosts and Pathogenicity in Onion (Allium cepa) Bulbs: Jo Ann Asselin, Mary Ann Karp, Paulina Rychliky, Margery Daughtrey, and Melanie Filiatrault

Evaluation of Herbicides for Impact on the Incidence of Single Centers in Onions: Mike Thornton, Deron Beck, Kyler Beck, Ransey Portenierand Oksana Morgan

The Influence of Irrigation Method (Solid-set Sprinkler or Drip) on the Incidence and Severity of Bacterial Disease in Onions Grown in NE California: Rob Wilson and Brenna Aegerter

Onions Selected for Resistance to Iris Yellow Spot Virus Have Higher Carbon Assimilation Rates: Joseph B. Wood

A novel biosynthetic gene cluster across the Pantoeaspecies complex is important for pathogenicity in onion: Mei Zhao, Shaun Stice, Gi Yoon Shin, Teresa Coutinho, Ron Gitaitis, Brian Kvitko, and BhabeshDutta

Stop the Rot A1. Bacterial Surveys: Lindsey du Toit

Stop the Rot Objective A2a Pathogenomics

Stop the Rot Objective 2b Microbiome analysis

Stop the Rot Objective A4 Phenotypic Screening for Resistance to Onion Bacterial Diseases: Lindsey du Toit and Bhabesh Dutta

Stop the Rot Objectives B1 and B2: Irrigation practices and soil fertility management: G. LaHue, T. Belo, S. Caldwell, T. Coolong, M. Derie, B. Dutta, E. Feibert, B. Gugino, E. van der Heide, C. Hoepting, H. de Jesus, J. Mazzone, M. Murdock, B. Nault, K. Regan, S. Reitz, A. Rivera, B. Schacht, A. da Silva, I. Trenkel, T. Waters, K. Wieland, J. Woodhall, and L. du Toit

Stop the Rot Objective B3: Summary of 2021 Pesticide Programs

Stop the Rot Objective B4: Effects of Cultural Practices on Onion Bacterial Diseases: Lindsey du Toit, Bhabesh Dutta, Christie Hoepting

Evaluation of Post Harvest Treatments: Tim Waters, Lindsey du Toit, Mike Derie, Jennifer Darner and Jane Davey, Mark Uchanski

Stop the Rot Combating onion bacterial diseases with pathogenomic tools and enhanced management strategies Objective B (Modeling and Data Analysis)

Stop the Rot Combating onion bacterial diseases with pathogenomic tools and enhanced management strategies Objective B8 Economics Component

Stop the Rot Project Overview: Lindsey du Toit