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July 1, 2010
Holistic approach to advance onion postharvest efficiency and sustainability

Onion is the third-largest fresh vegetable crop in the U.S. As a critical link between the farm and the consumer, postharvest handling plays a vital role in the onion industry. The current sorting and storage system is largely based on human inspection and unable to confront challenges like the growing demand for high-quality products from consumers, looming shortages in labor, and significant losses in storage due to lack of detection tools and management strategies. Discarded onions from the packinghouse or storage can lead to environmental pollution and increased disease pressure. The overarching goal of this SCRI Project is to advance the efficiency and sustainability of the onion postharvest handling through a systems approach and trans-disciplinary research and extension effort.

Storage Fungal Diseases
Bacterial Diseases
2010 C. Li Overview at the NARC