Onion ipmPIPE & Diagnostic Tools

"ipmPIPE & Innovative Disease Diagnostic Tools for Onion Growers"

Project Directors - Howard F. Schwartz at & James VanKirk at

[Supported in part by USDA-NIFA-SCRI Project No. 2010-01193]

Goal:  invest resources into aspects of onion production and this specialty crop to the ipmPIPE network in response to the needs of onion stakeholders across the U.S.:

  • Create an Onion ipmPIPE Network that will focus on onion thrips and IYSV, with general support for disease and pest diagnostics and IPM strategies for other priority problems of onion including bacterial and fungal diseases.


  • Develop, improve and enhance macroarray diagnostic tools for priority fungal and bacterial pathogens of onion, as well as food pathogens; establish diagnostic lab support for these pathogen groups and thrips; relate thrips to onion and IYSV  development; and implement and validate models via the Onion ipmPIPE.


  • Relate Disease Risk Assessment models and IPM strategies to economic monitoring and sustainability for specialty crop stakeholders via the Onion ipmPIPE.

Onion ipmPIPE: A Coordinated Effort to Improve the Management of Onion Thrips and Iris yellow spot virus for the U.S. Onion Industry


Poster - Onion PIPE Overview


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