Organizational and Planning Items

Onion research and extension needs

Pink root USDA AFRI project was submitted by Subas Malla, TAMU. Other interests include: Fusarium basal rot, tolerance to soil salinity, economics on marketing (“market blight”), importance of soil health, precision/digital ag technology in onion integrating IPM, variety development and labor issues.  As well as exploring non-traditional growing regions to compensate for climate change and suburbanization and improving consistency in seed production/seed reproducibility (inbreeding depression with inbreed lines).

Alliumnet update: Provided by Bhabesh Dutta (University of Georgia)

Current website:

The current audience for Alliumnet include following: Research and Extension specialists working on pests and diseases affecting Onion and other Allium, Individuals and groups interested in a specific project.  This primarily includes funding agencies and policy makers, but may include growers/producers.  National Allium Research Conference Participants.

Data analytics: At present, Alliumnet has 667 subscribers with 70% of them are from US. The total page views from Feb 9, 2018 to Nov 10, 2018 is 520 with >30% of the views were for future and current meeting information. Bhabesh Dutta is willing to give web-access to all onion specialists across the country to upload following information regarding onion: peer-review journal articles, extension publications (bulletins, newsletters), Plant disease management reports, pest and disease alerts, current projects on onion.


Election of new officers, future annual meeting locations, dates, etc.

  • Nomination for Secretary – The importance of balancing leadership with both academic and industry partners was discussed. Both Peter Rogers and David Burrel were nominated and both agreed to serve in this role. Peter confirmed his willingness to serve as the next secretary in 2019-20 so the membership voted and he was approved as the 2019 Secretary. David Burrel agreed to start serving his term in 2020.

2019 officers:

Chair: Beth Gugino, Pennsylvania State University (responsible for chairing the 2019, W-3008 Annual Meeting)

Vice-Chair: Bhabesh Dutta, University of Georgia (responsible for writing/submitting the 2019 annual project report)

Secretary: Peter Rogers, Nunhems (responsible for writing/submitting the 2019 annual meeting minutes)

Past-Chair: Christy Hoepting, Cornell University

Secretary-Elect: David Burrel, National Onion Labs.


2019 W3008 Meeting

Steve Loring stated that we are mandated to meet once a year but the timing of that meeting was up to the project team.


  • Hold jointly with the NOA/NARC/IARS meeting in Madison, WI from 18 to 20 July 2019.
  • Hold jointly with NOA meeting in Naples, FL in Dec 2019

After discussion, it was decided that it was most time and cost effective to meeting with the NOA/NARC/IARS meeting in July 2019. Beth Gugino will coordinate with Mike Havey to identify a 1 to 2-hour block of time to hold the business portion of the W3008 meeting. Research updates will be captured via presentations at the larger joint meeting.