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National Allium Research Conference (NARC)

Researchers, educators, growers, and students have enthusiastically promoted and discussed alliums in local, regional, and national meetings for decades.

In 1985 at a joint meeting with carrot and onion personnel in Phoenix, they formed a voluntary organization that became known as the National Allium Research Conference (NARC) that has served as a focal point for biennial conferences devoted to the allium plant species, and its improvement, management, and consumption in the United States and globally.

Volunteers from the private sector, agribusinesses, universities, and the USDA unselfishly support and promote this publically open venue to their colleagues and others for the benefit of all.

During the last 30 years, each biennial meeting has averaged more than 100 participants freely sharing information during more than 25 talks, and more than 20 posters with ample opportunities for one-on-one discussions, networking, collaboration, and nurturing of lasting relationships that have been rewarding to all participants on personal and professional levels. Participants eagerly look forward to each biennial meeting that is rotated between different allium regions of the U.S.

The NARC meetings have become a popular and efficient venue to link up with other allium-related organizations and national committees, including the W2008, USDA Genetic Resources, regional and national research/extension project updates; as well as coordinate listening and strategy sessions dealing with priority issues such as impacts of water quality regulations, pesticide label changes and residue limits, and retirement drain on the future research, extension, and marketing of alliums.

The NARC has served the allium community well during its first three decades and promises to continue as a dynamic resource and catalyst for allium improvement well into the future as agriculture continues to evolve in the U.S. and globally.

Past Meetings