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Award Winners and Attendees at 2014 National Allium Research Conference

Participants at the 2014 NARC - NOA Meetings in Scottsdale, AZ (Photo Courtesy of Steve McArthur)

Chris D’Angelo, PhD student with Irwin Goldman at the Univ. of Wisconsin received the student poster award presented by Howard Schwartz and Robert Sakata at the 2014 NOA Banquet in Scottsdale, AZ (Photo Courtesy of Thad Gourd). Kim Eang Tho,

Robert Sakata presented the NOA-NARC-W2008 Lifetime Achievement Award to Howard Schwartz at the 2014 NOA – NARC Meeting in Scottsdale, AZ (Photo Courtesy of Steve McArthur).  Howard later received the 2014 NOA Distinguished Service Award and a commemorative onion illustration signed by NARC and W2008 members in appreciation for his contributions prior to retirement in June of 2015.

Kim Eang Tho, PhD student with Mary Hausbeck at Michigan State University received the student oral award (Photo Courtesy of Kim Reddin